Why Happy Landing ?

🛠 Build it yourself ✈️ Using Happy Landing
💵 Server cost 👿 At least $5 per month 😀 Free or $1.99 per month
💸 CDN fee 👿 Depends on usage 😀 Free
🎨 Design basics 👿 Required 😀 Not Required
💻 Coding skills 👿 Required 😀 Not Required
🪛 Server Maintenance 👿 Required 😀 Not Required

Easy to use

  • No design knowledge required
  • No servers to maintain
  • No need to write code
  • No additional costs
  • Custom domain

    Connect a custom domain,
    free SSL certificate,
    build your brand.

    Global network and CDN

    Users around the world can quickly access.

    Generated from the App Store

    Generate landing pages from the App Store / Mac App Store without additional work.


    Whether light or dark, with pictures or no pictures, you can find a suitable one.

    Statistics and Analysis

    You can insert statistics code from any platform to analyze website visitors, such as Google Analytics, etc.

    Provide source code

    Freely use source code, even for commercial purposes.


    Free Pro Business
    🚫 Remove Ads ✅ Remove Ads ✅ Remove Ads
    🚫 Custom domain ✅ 5 custom domains ✅ Unlimitied custom domains
    $0 / month $1.99 / month $39.99 / month